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Only the minute of standing at the party was enough for me to realize that I wanted her. My friends had called me around 8 pm and asked if I wanted to go to some house party near by. I figured it would be a great fun, so I agreed to go. We got there and the music was pounding through the walls. Guys were crowding around on the lawn, girls were flattering through the halls, and horny teenagers were rushing upstairs to find abandoned rooms. My friends quickly found girls to hang out with and I was left alone. I wasn’t a good dancer so I stood back in the corner.

My name is Roberto. I’m 6”2, tanned but not brown, with short black hair and green eyes. I play soccer at our college and during the play off seasons, I really enjoy partying! So, I was standing there, the most beautiful girl were walking by and standing next to me, alone. The one had got the perfect shape, she was around 5”5. She was wearing a short jean skirt that showed off her perfectly tanned legs. She had a nice ass that stuck out, but anyway seemed firm and fit. Her breast was large which made her nice perky nipples stand out even more. Her hair was long and auburn and when she brushed it out of her face, I could see a pair of beautiful green eyes and nice sharp features. I immediately felt a bulge grow inside my jeans.

I walked up to her slowly and introduced myself. Her name was Huanita and she was a freshman in college. I nervously asked her if she wanted to dance. She smiled broadly and said she did. She took me by the hand and we walked quickly into the crowd of people. She began to rotate her hips and placed my hands on her thighs. We got closer and closer while my hands pressed into her legs. Her hair smelled amazing and I slowly let my hands push her skirt upwards. Her perfect ass pressed right into my crotch and I just let out a low moan. I was scared that she had heard me and thought that I was some horny pervert! But she ended up turning around and pushed my hands down to cup her ass. Her eyes glanced down to the now very obvious bulge in my pants and she lightly bit her lip before saying:

“Shall we keep dancing or shall we just get out of here?” I smiled and said:

“Whatever you want to do is fine!” She replied by running her hand down my chest before rubbing my stiff cock through my jeans. I kissed her neck and said:

“Why don’t we go somewhere private?”

We walked out of the party, Huanita leading me by the hand and we were soon sitting in her car. As we both sat down, she quickly leant over and began to kiss me. Our mouths opened slightly and we let our tongues wrestle with each other. My hand began to rub her shirt up when she pulled away and said:

“I live just 5 minutes away and everyone should be asleep.”

We made small chat as we drove to her home, talking about where we grew up and what professors we had. Arriving at her house, we both quickly got out of the car and walked to the door.

“I love the feel of your cock against me, Roberto” she whispered into my ear when the door opened. We entered and she quickly led me into her living room. She pushed me onto the couch and put on some soft but sexual music. Moving her body in tune, she walked towards me, swinging her hips!
“I want you inside of me, I want to feel that hard juicy cock inside me”

I smiled and slid my hands up her skirt to grasp her ass. I whispered:

“Huanita, there’s nothing I want more than to fuck that tight pussy.” she straddled me and I lift her shirt over her head rubbing her top and kissing her neck. She let out a soft moan before leaning back and kissing me passionately. Our tongues collided and we shared the most passionate kiss I’d ever experienced. I pulled away to look at her beautiful body. Straddling me, her jean skirt just rode up revealing her perfect ass and she looked amazing wearing a lacy black bra!

I reached back and undid her bra and it was quickly dropped down on the carpet. Her large breasts now hung in my face, her nipples got hard. Her panties were pressing against the bulge in my pants and I could feel the warmth leaking from between her legs. She was rubbing up and down the bulge without even talking. I began to suck on one tit while massing the other. Then Huanita got off the couch and kneeled down between my legs. Her smile told me everything and without even speaking, I undid my pants and they dropped to my ankles. She pulled my hard cock out of my trunks and began to kiss down my shaft. Her smile just grew when the large 8” cock twitched with anticipation. She licked her lips while her hand quickly rubbed the large shaft. Lowering her head, she softly kissed the head and licked off the pre cum. I instinctively thrust my hips upwards and my dick quickly disappeared into her soft warm mouth. She gave me the best head I had ever received. Her tongue ran circles around the shaft while she rubbed the head against her cheeks. At one point, she went all the way down her throat giving me so fucking deep blow! She held it like for a second touching the head against her throat. She didn’t even choke, but just pulled it out and did the same one more time. I pulled her head of my dick and smiled saying:

“You suck so good, wanna change places?”

She nodded and wiped her mouth. With my cock still hard, she got onto the couch and spread her legs wide. I looked at the silk red thong that had a small wet spot on her pussy. I kissed down her thigh until I got to the fabric and then I gave it one big lick. She thrust her hips upwards and I quickly began giving her clit tender licking through the silk. We paused to let her slide the panties off and then she re opened her legs. I licked the bare pussy lips and let my tongue play with the top of her clit. She thrust her hips into my mouth while my tongue began to enter into that tight hole.

“Stop it, I just want to feel your massive cock inside of me” she whispered, her voice trembling with anticipation.

I stood up and she laid down on the sofa, I laid down on top of her, I began to insert my way forward, kissing her neck and playing with her breasts! My cock rubbed against the inside of her leg. She let out a soft moan when my cock rubbed all over her pussy lips! I grasped the back of her head with one hand while the other supported my weight. She reached down and grasped the head of my cock, aligning it with the tight wet entrance. I entered her slowly, every nerve in my dick tingling from the amazing sensation. I was fully inside of her when she let out a soft moan:

“Oh God, Roberto, it feels so fucking good! Oh my God, I’m so turned on right now!” she panted, her moans getting louder when I slowly began to pull out. I let my cock go almost all the way out, and then I slide back in, much faster than before. We began to fuck in a good pace. I moved my hips up and down while she supported me with her upwards movements. I kissed her neck and played with her tits while she grabbed onto my ass and begged to be fucked harder:

“Oh my God, Roberto don’t stop, please don’t stop fucking me!” Our mouths met and locked on to each other! I kept pounding that tight wet pussy as she bit her lip and closed her eyes. Sweat formed on my brow and face, so did her body glistening in the dim light.

We changed positions, and she straddled me. I loved cupping her tight ass and kissing her passionately. I could hear her moans as she got closer and closer to orgasm. I stood up and she wrapped her legs around me and I just picked her up and down, our bodies slamming into each other. Her pussy felt amazing wrapped around my hard cock. We stared into each other eyes and our moans got louder and louder.

I sat back down and she remained on the top while I was down. She placed her hands on my chest and her hair threw over her face. My hands played with her swaying breasts while she was getting closer to orgasm.

“Oh God Roberto, please don’t stop, fuck me harder, harder babe!” We both got louder and louder while her moans began to turn into screams.

“Please fuck my tight wet pussy. Fuck me harder!” she screamed when I slammed my hard organ into her again.

“I want you so fucking bad, I want you to cum, girl!” I said between my deeps moans. Her legs wrapped around me and sweat pouring off our bodies; we continued to passionately fuck each other. The couch was shaking and squealing. She ran her hands over her body and then began to shake. Closing her eyes she pressed her hips hard against mine and let my hands grasp her tits. She moaned hard and her voice was quivering:

“Oh fucking shit, this feels so good, o, Roberto!” she started to moan my name! She stared directly into my eyes and let out a deep scream as her entire body shook with anticipation. I felt her pussy wrap around my dick so fucking tight and hard that I couldn’t pull out! She moaned and screamed, then finally collapsed onto of me, slowly pulling herself off my cock.

She lent down slowly and slid it into her mouth. She sucked my throbbing cock like mad, she need it badly! Within a few seconds I felt that swelling feeling in my cock. I knew it was coming and I began to move my hips fucking her face while she played with my balls. She kept looking right in my eyes, sucking my dick. When I cried out, she started to jerk me off by hand, her mouth opened close, ready to taste my sperm. I closed my eyes and I felt the cum come pouring out the top of my cock. It spurted upwards, landing on her cheek and mouth! She never stopped jerking me off, tasting all the cum! Then she licked it all off. A smile appeared on her face and she said:

“I’m m really glad you asked me to dance tonight” I laughed and wrapped my arms around her, waiting until we got enough energy to repeat again…






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